COM PRO – comunication sleeves are far from novel, but the COM PRO flips a common equation on its proverbial ear: AURUM.AUDIO have engineered a product that’s communication earplug first, noise protector second. Building on what they have learned for the past 6 years producing individual hearing protectors, we have served the protection plug with a communication option. Our COM PRO Silicone plugs can reduce noise up to rating of 25 dB. COM PRO is custom-fit earpiece for voice calls. It minimizes environmental noise to give you an immersive, unparalleled listening experience. It acts as a barrier between you and everything you don’t want to hear, creating an atmosphere singular to you and your communication partner.

– Sweat-Resistant
– Custom fitted
– Reusable
– up to 25dB passive noise reduction
– for left or your right ear

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