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Our current turnaround is approximately
10-15 business days for Pro-Line
25-30 business days for Jewellery-Line
after your impressions are received.
Colours displayed may differ from the final product.
Final product may vary due to ear shape, size, and orientation.
Any changes made due to these factors are at AURUM.AUDIO discretion.
Orders are FINAL and will not be remade due to slight colour variances
Don't worry. We can provide a quote for the work before you ship them to us, just email team@aurum.audio.
If you're going to skip the quote and live dangerously, just fill out the Warranty/Repair Form and ship your IEMs back to us.
You'll have to take care of the shipping costs each way
We use UPS (2-4 business days to most countries)
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More Information

For A Better Understanding

The difference between Balanced Armature (BA) and Diaphragm sound reproduction
In a balanced armature earphone, the metal armature moves driving a paddle. The coil is fixed. In a dynamic speaker the coil moves along with the diaphragm. The BA diaphragm is hinged at one end while the dynamic diaphragm moves axially.
BA are still used essentially 100% in that application due to their small size, efficient drive, and tuning versatility to match different hearing impairments.
In an ordinary earphone the primary advantage is that they are so small that multiple drivers can be fit in a single earphone. Just as with home tower speakers, more faithful sound is reproduced with separate speakers for lows – mids – highs. There is also wide tuning latitude which is good even with single driver earphones to achieve the sound the designer wishes. The diaphragm mass is light, giving more precise response. BA has a higher or more efficient output than small dynamic speakers.
We are using only KNOWLES and SONION driver for our products.
Explain the concept of “back volume”
The stiffness of the paddle (or diaphragm) is partly due to the stiffness of the armature/paddle structure and partly due to the stiffness of the air volume trapped behind the diaphragm. In a non-vented BA, these two stiffness components are typically similar in magnitude and total stiffness is the sum. For a back-vented BA, air stiffness is removed, allowing greater excursion of the paddle for more low-end sensitivity.
BA can be used in a smaller space than small dynamic speakers
When it comes to driver size, we have 8-15mm drivers in earbuds or 20-50mm drivers in headphones. The ability to use multiple drivers is the big advantage. For example, X3PRO has 3 and X6PRO have more, 6 BA-driver. But even with single drivers the small size can be used to create light, comfortable earphones with excellent sound quality.
Crossover? What exactly do they do?
“Crossover” comes from the idea of crossing over from one frequency range to the next. A crossover serves as a filter that blocks out unwanted frequencies to a speaker or group of speakers.
This is extremely useful because it allows us to specifically send each speaker the group of frequencies that it will play most efficiently and effectively. As a result, the sound system’s volume potential and dynamic capability is significantly improved, since each speaker is only responsible for the frequencies that it will do the best job of reproducing.
A Passive Crossover uses resistors, capacitors, inductors, or a combination of all three in order to achieve the desired crossover point for a speaker or group of speakers.
What are your thoughts on universal-fit in-ears versus customs?
You just can’t get the level of isolation with the universal type which use foams or rubber for fitting. It makes all the difference.
How did using custom In-Ears improve your performance?
If you run your amps off stage so besides the drums there isn’t a lot of stage noise to contend with. It means that your music product is cleaner and more consistent and you can all hear each other and are able to take control of what you need discretely.
What is the A2DC-Balanced cable?
A2DC is from Japan, Audio Technica own special connection system on IEMs. It calls an ``Audio Designed Detachable Coaxial`` or ``A2DC`` connection system. You may choose a cable Black, Silver or Gold, all silver-plated-copper wire with Teflon insulation. Standard wire is military/aerospace quality silver plated copper with Teflon insulation, twisted pair. Our cable uses a costly and premium wire formed of specially processed silver-plated-copper, with Teflon insulation and is of high purity, ``5N`` or better. This high purity wire sounds great and has been specially selected by us for its electrical and mechanical properties. All of wire are very flexible, can be bunched, and are durable. The A2DC will deliver safe and secure connection, can be rotate around while connected. Suitable for IEMs with any wearing method around the ear. Can only be used with the proper right sides, reverse polarity is not possible, so you can’t damage earphone driver.
Do we use sound tubes?
No, just using our own technology like IFAM (IndividualFittedAcousticMass) and TDBH (TunedDriverBaseHolder), are both acoustical mods.
IFAM implements varied sound bore diameters for the low, mid and high frequencies for optimal sound delivery and superior extension with minimal resonance. When paired with further damping, the driver delivers a silky-smooth top-end that doesn’t skimp on energy, vibrancy or air.
TDBH is the 3-D direct printed in our Pro-Line or metal casted as Jewellery chamber that provides the acoustic tuning without compression. As a result, high frequencies are extended and open, providing an unmatched sonic quality unique to AURUM.AUDIO earphones.
Get Your Ear Impressions
Custom In-Ear Monitors require ear impressions. Find an Audiologist near you and schedule an appointment to get ear impressions done for custom in-ear monitors.
Take the Audiologist Impression Guide to your appointment to ensure your ear impressions are taken to our standards.
Please note, the cost of your ear impressions must be paid directly to the Audiologist and cannot be billed to AURUM.AUDIO.
Ask you local retail partner if you have any questions about taking your ear impressions